DALLAS, TX — In an adorable prelude to Super Bowl 2018, Bahati, Dallas Zoo’s lion cub, was tasked Thursday with choosing the winner of the big game. Giving a nod to Groundhog Day tradition, the Zoo chooses an animal each year predict the winner of the high stakes match.

Tempted with two large meat cakes, each emblazoned with the Patriots or Eagles logo, Bhati headed directly toward the Patriots’ cake, which she promptly ate.

“No hard feelings, @Eagles,” the Zoo wrote on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time an animal at the Dallas Zoo has made a prediction. In recent years, cows, penguins and tortoises have all been given the great responsibility of predicting winners.

In 2015, a distractible penguin named Sid was given the same task. He chose the Patriots, who went on to win that year. The following year, two of the zoo’s animals made another accurate prediction. Two giant Galapagos tortoises, Nancy and Twelve, chose the Broncos to win Super Bowl 50.


In 2017, Captain and Kirk, eight-month-old miniature longhorns, selected the Patriots. As it turns out, Dallas Zoo’s animals are three for three since 2015.

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